Pacific Rim: Uprising

Pacific Rim: Uprising l VFX B&A | DNEG

Jan jinda pc2 screen 1097

Guardian Bravo - head design and modeling, blocking of the rest of the body, additional damage pass

Jan jinda pc2 screen 1091

Bracer Phoenix - designing gun system in the mid torso, additional modeling, damage pass

Jan jinda pc2 screen 1105

Gipsy Avenger - modeling various damage areas, weapons blocking and motion studies,

Jan jinda pc2 screen 1041

Obsidian Fury - modelling and design of the chest damage

Jan jinda pc2 screen 1050

Drone - mechanical skeleton design, additional damage

Jan jinda pc2 screen 1078

Rippers - modeling

I worked on Pacific Rim: Uprising as a core Jaeger modeler together with an amazing team at Dneg. I was lucky enough to put my hands on every Jaeger in the film. It is hard to describe all my responsibilities. Briefly, my tasks varied a lot from pure modeling robot parts to developing workflows how to cope with massive assets counting thousands of geometries and hundreds of UDIMs and managing them. I also did complete redesign of Guardian Bravo's head, designed inner 'skeletons' for correct movements, made motion studies and base models for a lot of weapons etc.
Entire project was an effort of hundreds talented artists in Dneg and it was my pleasure to be part of it.
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