Little Witch on a Broomstick

I was hired by Qbone studio to model and texture two characters for a feature film based on their concept arts.

Rehor was one of the leading characters, he’s professor in school of wizardry and also dwarf. Because of his importance in movie, I was supervised by Robin Benes, who was leading model supervisor on this project. It was great experience according to making proper topology and textures. (He’s missing beard, which were than made by guys in Qbone.)

Bazilisek, who was slimy, creepy creature and servant in fairyland, he was supporting character. I really polished my pipeline on this character.

I used MODO for modeling all the stuff, highmeshes and also basemeshes. I also used it for mapping. As for these renders, I always like to check result myself, if textures are working etc. I really enjoyed setup materials in MODO and as you can see in 2010 I’ve made my own skin shader which is working quite well.