Satan's Maid

Jan jinda satans maid 01 final
Jan jinda satans maid 02 final
Jan jinda satans maid 03 final
Jan jinda satans maid 04 final
Jan jinda satans maid 05 final

Satan's maid

Creepy minion bringing coffee in the morning, dealing with every day agenda or doing some dirty business for his master.

He was made as an entry for the Clash of Creatures 2016 by 3D Proven Systems.

The goal was to create digital maquette to show design and feel of the character. I also tested new workflow. Everything was modelled and painted entirely in ZBrush, then transferred to Keyshot. No UVs, no textures, just sculpt with a polypaint. Very simple and artistic approach, free from all technical and annoying things. Postproduction was done in Affinity Photo.