JJ UDIM Converter Documentation

Download - https://janjinda.com/store/M2Lk/jj-udim-converter

Latest version - v1.0.1

Compatibility - Windows, macOS, Linux

A simple system shell script for batch renaming texture files from _uU_vV sequence format (e.g. from Mudbox) to a more common UDIM format (e.g. ZBrush, Mari) and vice versa.


Copy the script to your own preferred location.

  • Windows - You have to install Python 3.x.x, if you don't have it on your system already
  • macOS - No need of Python installation
  • Linux - No need of Python installation


Run following commands in os shell and follow on screen instructions:

Windows (Command Line) - C:\Python3x\python.exe <path to the script>\jj_udim_converter.py
macOS (Terminal) - python <path to the script>/jj_udim_converter.py
Linux (Terminal) - python <path to the script>/jj_udim_converter.py