News / 08 May 2019

My YouTube Channel Monthly Digest - April 2019

I'm currently publishing a video tutorial on my YouTube channel every Thursday. I really enjoy sharing tips and trick I've learned over the years in production and I hope you can learn a bit from those. 

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April 2019 videos

#3DQuickTips 007 - Maya - Procedural Chain in MASH

Procedural modelling in Maya? Why not, there's a lot of power hidden in MASH toolkit. In this video I'll show you how to make a simple chain with a full procedural control. Changing curve, link shapes, counts, orientation? No problem at all.

#3DQuickTips 008 - Maya - All Selections Secrets

Selections in Maya are basic feature to master, however there are many little tricks and secrets hidden around. So even if you are an experienced user you may miss one or two. In this video I'll show you most of the tips and trick when selecting objects or components.

#3DQuickTips 009 - Maya - Selection Constraints Explained

Selection filters in Maya are simple. Selection Constraints, on the other hand, are pretty tricky to understand. However they are very useful for model clean ups or polycount reductions. In this video I'll teach you how to use them for various selection patterns.

#3DQuickTips 010 - Maya - Power of Snaps

As a celebration of a release of Avengers: Endgame (which I had a pleasure to work on) I've made a video about various snapping tools in Maya. You can actually use it for creating stuff rather then destroying half of the universe as Thanos did.