News / 14 March 2019

FREE JJ OBJ Toolkit v1.1 - Update and Demo

Hi guys,

Exciting news! JJ OBJ Toolkit has a first update released. New UI, new functions and other tweaks. 

Download from Gumroad or FlippedNormals

Check a quick demo and be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more content.

Feel free to contact me with any feedback, feature suggestions etc.

Release Notes


  • Revamped and streamlined UI (radio buttons, different title bar, etc.)
  • Batch blendS on Single now supports importing multiple OBJs as blend shape targets on one geometry.
  • Batch blendS on Multiple is no longer case sensitive. ZBrush tends to mix with letter casing, this should solve most issues.
  • Ignore duplicate geos added to export options as it was not previously possible to export geo, which shared a name with other geo in the scene.
  • Other minor code tweaks.